Monthly Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Update




Westover held it's annual Community Week celebration during the month of September. Westover's Community Week promotes positive behavior where students show respect for themselves, our school, our community, and our country. In order to promote respect, Westover students participated in a school wide read aloud of Carol McCloud's Bucket Filling books. They read books such as Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and Bucket Filling from A to Z. For further information on the Bucket Filling series and Bucket Filling resources, please visit:

Bucket Fillers 101 

To show respect for our school, we used our Productive Thinking Talent to think of the many, varied and unusual ways we can follow the Westover Way. 




October was National Bullying Prevention Month and the PBS theme was taking a stand against bullying. Westover students are encouraged to follow the golden rule, we should treat others the way we want to be treated in return. Students participated in a read aloud of Kathryn Otoshi's book One, which is about a group of individuals represented by colors who put a stop to the color red who bullies the color blue. After reading the story, the students took an anti-bullying pledge to not bully others, as well as stand up for anyone who may be on the receiving end of bullying and who may be getting teased or hurt. We also had a discussion about the importance of being kind, filling buckets, including others, and not hurting anyone physically or emotionally. 

For further information on the author Kathryn Otoshi and her books, please visit:

Kathryn Otoshi



The PBS theme for November was being thankful and giving thanks. Third grade students are participating in a pen-pal program with a group of local senior citizen residents at Edgehill Retirement Community. In addition to learning the format of writing friendly letters, the third graders wrote and painted cards for Thanksgiving to mail to their pen-pals. We used our Productive Thinking Talent to list the many, varied and unusual things we are thankful for to help the students brainstorm ideas. These cards were truly handmade with love!





December's PBS theme is generosity. First and third graders participated in a read aloud of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, and then used their Productive Thinking Talent to list the many, varied, and unusual ways to be generous this holiday season. We had a whole class discussion about how when we show generosity towards others, then not only do we fill that person's bucket, but we also fill our own buckets. The students had "snow" much fun creating and decorating their snowmen, as well as writing about how they can be generous.



January's PBS theme is Respecting Oneself. Students were encouraged to spend some time thinking about all the qualities and characteristics that they like about themselves in order to promote self confidence and high self-esteem. As a class, we used our Productive Thinking Talent to think of the many, varied, and unusual things that we like about ourselves. Next, students wrote about their great and unique qualities and we created a "Garden of greatness" to display in our classroom in order for students to be reminded about why each and everyone is so special.