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Westover Elementary School Proudly Presents The 5th Grade Performing

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                Dress Rehearsal:







Dress Code

 Students are to be dressed in the proper athletic attire every day.  Athletic shoes with rubber soles and athletic socks are to be worn to class. Boots, flats, crocs, or open-toed shoes are not acceptable attire for Physical Education class. Students without proper attire may be subject to being a non-participant.


A letter will be sent home notifying you that your child was unable to participate in class today. Below is a link to the letter.

 Letter to Parents

Fitness Testing

Students in grade 4 will participate in The "Third Generation" Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment. The test will include: One Mile Run/Walk (Aerobic Endurance), Back-Saver Sit-and-Reach (Flexibility), 90o Push-Up (Upper Body Strength), Curl-Up (Muscular Endurance).

    Fitness Test Link


Question Of The Month

How may minutes should you be active everyday?

A. 100

B. 60

C. 30

D. 15

Our Mission and Philosophy for Physical Education

Planned, sequential PK-12 physical education provides psychomotor, cognitive and affective content and learning experiences that promote optimum personal development. Quality curriculum and instruction, provided in a safe, supportive environment, offer meaningful, challenging learning for all students, and result in lifetime learning outcomes of skills, literacy, and ability to understand concepts and develop plans for lifetime physical activity and wellness.

Our Mission and Philosopy for Health Education

Our mission is to nurture the physical, social and emotional health of the entire school community including students, families and school personnel and to promote and support the full implementation of a coordinated approach to school health in schools and communities.

 JAM (Just A Minute)

The JAM school program brings physical activity and health into the classroom. JAM is designed to teach kids (and adults) healthier lifestyle habits. JAMmin’ Minute is a one-minute fitness routine that includes 5 very simple exercises that kids (and staff) can do while either standing at their desk or sitting in a chair. Included on this weekly communication is a health tip, something simple that teaches a healthier habit.

 Click link to see an example: JAMmin' Minute 

 Westover is proud to bring The First Tee Golf Program to our school. The First Tee Program helps introduce our students to the game of golf while working on many valuable life lessons.

  Please click the link below to see a brochure outlining The First Tee Golf Program.

 The First Tee 



                                Mr. Halibozek & Mr. Hart